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Whatever your challenge, Pepper can help you find the solution

In a crowded market, finding channels that drive volume and value can be a challenging drain on resources. Pepper helps to create agile, tailored solutions for partners, whatever their size by combining expert narrative with a unique understanding of millions of engaged shoppers

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800K€ turnover in 2 days


International Fashion brand needs to drive more direct sales via their own e-commerce store, in order to reduce their dependency on reseller and to help them increase their direct volume and margin


By utilising Pepper's Claim-Code feature, the brand were able to give targeted discounts without harming their pricing strategy and whilst still scaling volume independently of resellers. Engaged users were then able to find and surface deals which wouldn't have been viable without the Pepper platform; a win-win solution

2500 leads with over 20% conversion


Major car leasing operator wants to position itself as a leader in the electic vehicle sector through high-level promotion of the e-Golf GTE model. Needs a way for consumers to understand their offering and digest the information


After collaborating to ensure the offer was strong and watertight, Pepper provided expert editorial support to create a playbook for consumers in an easy-to-follow format. This included step-by-step instructions on how to take advantage of the deal, governmental incentives and further benefits to the end user. The resulting thread generated over 2500 leads within a short timeframe

500% uplift in volume


International CE company needs to improve their position in the European Market, increasing their sales, trade volume and consumer presence.


Our editorial CE specialists across multiple Pepper platforms carefully handpicked deals to engage and interest the Pepper community throughout Europe. By using this approach, the brand were able to increase their reach, sales and consumer trust in multiple locations while keeping the workload low on their side; one communication channel, multiple locations and deliveries

Every minute XX deals are made with the help of Pepper, making it the ultimate go-to-place for online deals. What makes the platform effective is the ability to get responses from shoppers in real-time
Every minute XX deals are made with the help of Pepper,
making it the ultimate go-to-place for online deals. What makes the platform effective is the ability to get responses from shoppers in real-time

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